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There is nothing called Disease, it is the depletion of Water, Nutrition and Charge from the body over a long period, which crops up in the form of Dis-ease!

Our body has close to 78 organs and each and every organ needs different Nutrition. Our regular diet does not suffice the required nutrition to all the organs which results in dis-ease. If delayed further, it becomes chronic and results in organ dysfunctions.

Empower Your Health Journey: Where Resilience Meets Wellness for High-Profile Warriors!

Each and every body cell is capable of reproducing itself, provided it has been supplied with sufficient Water, Nutrition and Charge. Where Water is the carrier, Nutrition is the raw material and Charge is the energy. In combination of all the three, the body gains its self healing power and reverses the Dis-ease. At Rishi Immunity Cult,

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Our philosophy is simple yet profound:

There is nothing called Disease; it is merely the depletion of Nutrition in the body over a long period, which manifests as Dis-ease. Our bodies consist of approximately 78 organs, each requiring different types of nutrition to function optimally. Unfortunately, our regular diet often falls short of providing all the necessary nutrients to every organ, leading to various health issues. If left unaddressed, these issues can become chronic and result in organ dysfunctions.

We firmly believe that

each and every cell in our body has the incredible capacity to regenerate itself, given that it is supplied with three essential elements: Water, Nutrition, and Charge. Water acts as the carrier, Nutrition serves as the raw material, and Charge provides the energy. The combination of these three elements empowers our bodies with self-healing capabilities, effectively reversing the Dis-ease condition.

At Rishi Immunity Cult,

we are committed to providing the world's best Water, high-quality Nutrition, and a Special Charge to activate your body's self-healing abilities. Our unique approach works wonders in reversing dis-ease, regardless of how long it has been present. We firmly believe that healing is a must, and no matter your age or condition, you can experience transformative results.

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we are providing free consultations for the first 100 customers.

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For those seeking a comprehensive and transformative approach, we invite you to try our 90-day WNC programme challenge. During this programme, you will experience the benefits of our meticulously curated Water, Nutrition, and Charge regimen, witnessing the powerful effects of enhanced immunity and overall well-being.

Remember, your health is in your hands, and the time to act is now. Join the Rishi Immunity Cult and unlock your body’s innate ability to heal itself. Together, we can create a healthier and happier world, one family at a time.

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By profession I am CA. I am suffering with Guillain-Barre syndrome since 10 years, and due to this all my joints were completely frozen and there was acute pain. I got done 3 days of session from Immunity Cult and got great relief from the pain. They used iTerra waves to do the treatment. It was warm and gave soothing experience
Mr. Krishna Murthy,
I am a working professional for a MNC. I had a sciatica problem due to which I was not able to stand, sit and walk. The situation was so severe that even after taking heavy dosage of pain killers, I was unable to recover. I have called Immunity Cult and took their session for 30 minutes. I was very happy that by just 30 minutes, my pain was reduced by 95% and was able to stand, sit and walk with ease. This is something very great treatment and I recommend everyone who is in pain.
Sudheer Reddy
I am a Hockey Player working as a Police Constable in Telangana. I met with an accident and got a knee injury due to which I was unable to play Hockey again. I visited top ortho doctors, but there was no use. I was not able to bend my legs as there was severe pain. But after I took a session of 30 minutes from Immunity Cult, there was great relief from the pain and I was able to bend my knees with ease. I recommend this treatment as there is no medicine involved and we can feel the difference.
I am a Business women. I was suffering from Sciatica, due to which I was not able to stand and walk. I was completely on bed, the situation was so worst that I needed someone to take for my nature calls. I got to know about the treatment of iTerra from Immunity Cult and requested them to visit my home for the treatment. In two days I was able to stand and walk and in another 2 days I was able to walk and go outside. I was very happy that without any medicine, I was able to walk in a very short period of time. Thank you very much Immunity Cult.

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